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On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you that you are getting a good deal when you fill up with gas? Would you pay $10 for a gallon of gas? Of course not…and the reason is simple…You’re educated on the going rate for gas.  But, would you pay $2 a gallon? Sounds like a pretty good deal right now?

What if I showed you that other people were paying $.50? Would you still think paying $2 a gallon would be a good deal?

Do you remember Target in 2013?  You follow the rules and regulations set forth by the payment card industry, right?  What ‘following the rules’ actually means is that the payment card industry allows you to accept credit cards as a form of payment. By doing so, you agree to process those credit cards and handle that sensitive information carefully. If fraud happens within your business, your business is ultimately responsible for damages as well as any potential fines imposed by the card industry. In 2013, Target failed their customers.

Five days ago a guy walks into your store to buy $1,000 worth of widgets. You remember thinking, “Nice guy.” Today you notice you’re missing that same $1,000 from your checking account and you aren’t sure why. What could have possibly happened? Well, let me tell you. That “Nice Guy”, took his money back from you.  And yes, he still has your $1,000 worth of widgets.  You were just Bamboozled by the newest scam on the books.

– Can I surcharge my customers?
– Can I mandate a minimum charge for using credit?
– Can I add a fee when someone uses a Debit Card?
These are examples of the regulations you are agreeing to when you accept credit as payment. But there is another side of this. It’s the ‘Compliance’ part. The compliance part is referring to how you handle credit card numbers and data. For instance, storing credit card data in a file cabinet or on a computer can mean you are NON Compliant. That can have big financial consequences.

EMV is referring to the ‘chip’ cards and your ability as a business owner to be able to accept them as payment. It’s also referred to as the ‘Liability Shift’ where as the liability of fraud shifts to the merchant rather than the bank.
How does it affect your business if you DON’T accept EMV?


85% of all restaurant customers pay with credit cards. If you are a restaurateur, you may want to consider a POS solution that can automatically track your customers’ habits without you doing anything. Integrated gift card and loyalty programs as well as tracking labor cost and customer trends. Think you can’t afford something for your restaurant? Think again… POS costs are a fraction of what they used to be. Roughly $1,000 a station. In many cases you can use some of your existing equipment to help keep costs down. Want to learn more? Click below.

Auto and Body Shops

Are you a wrench? You know, the guy that just wants to work on cars. Then let me handle your merchant account for you so you can focus on doing just that. I know, you would rather bang your knuckles on a freezing cold morning trying to get a rusty exhaust manifold bolt loose than deal with your merchant services account. 75% of your customers pay with credit card because when something breaks, they don’t have cash on hand to pay for it. That’s a big percentage of your business paying with credit. I can evaluate what you pay and explain it to you in simple terms so you can get to doing what you love

Service Industry

Do you know that by accepting credit cards at salons or in the personal service industry, tips will increase on average by 100% or more? It’s easier to add 10, 15 or even 20% tip onto a new haircut or massage when paying by credit card rather than actually seeing the money disappear out of your wallet. It’s the way of the world we live in. Do you own a salon that rents space to your staff? I can set you up with a multi-merchant system so everyone can benefit from accepting credit cards. Does that sound good to you? Click below to learn more.

Next Steps…

I bet you think you know what you pay in credit card fees, but what you don’t know could cost your business thousands! Contact me with your questions, it doesn’t cost you anything to ask. Maybe I can help.

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