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Why Business Owners Change Providers

Back in 2008, there was a study conducted by a guy that wished he had graduated from Stanford University.  In this study, he polled 10 people; 6 of his friends, 3 actual business owners and a guy dressed up as a pickle. He asked, “What are some reasons that business owners change Merchant Services providers?”  The top 3 answers were: Cost, Service and Technology.  It is worth mentioning that the guy in the pickle outfit said, “Because she was pretty.”  Maybe give that honorable mention.



Let’s talk about this for a minute.

  1. Cost – This is obvious and the first reason most business owners do switch.  The problem with this is most of the time they are duped.  If I asked 100 business owners what they are being charged from their merchant provider, 50 of them honestly wouldn’t know, 40 of them would make something up and the remaining 10 would actually be educated with some sort of accuracy.  If you don’t know what you are currently paying, how can you trust that pretty girl, (we’ll call her Sally) sitting across the table, when she tells you she is going to save you $200 a month? How will you know Sally isn’t just feeding you a line from a B-rated movie???  Knowledge is power, the more you know, the better!!!
  2. Service – This isn’t the most important reason but it should be. Here’s why: Let’s say you own a business averaging $40,000 a month in credit card sales.  Sally struts in 3 months ago quoting movie lines, told you that if you ever have a problem, her crack pot tech support department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  She handed you her business card with that snazzy 800 number to tech support.  Yesterday, your credit card terminal took a bath in some dark roast coffee that you feel you’re paying way too much for.  You jump on the phone, Press 1 for this, press 2 for that and 45 minutes later you get a guy you can barely understand.  After another 15 or 20 minutes of ‘help’, he informs you that your machine is broken and you’ll need to contact your representative to get a new one.  So you pull out her card and realize you only have her email address, so you send her an email and wait…and wait….and wait… The next day she calls you and says that it will be $600 for a new terminal and she can have it sent to you in 3 days.  She tells you thaat once you receive it, you’ll need to call tech support back and the guy you can’t understand will help you download it.  You switched processors because the pretty lady claimed to save you $200 a month and  yet you just lost $7K in credit cards sales. But, COST is the number one reason business owners switch providers. <shaking my head>
  3. Technology – This is a good one.  In today’s day and age, technology is king.  Phone apps, loyalty apps, Apple Pay, Gift Card Programs… The list keeps getting bigger. How do you keep up with it…? You should get yourself a merchant rep that knows what’s out there.  Discuss things you’d like to accomplish and set up a plan.  Suggestion: find someone that knows technology. Start with your son or daughter, neighbors friend, someone, anyone… Think of ways you can and would like to reach your customers and way you can get them to keep coming through your door.  Then, talk to your current merchant rep and find out what they have to offer.  Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot, you don’t have a way to get in touch with her except email… She didn’t give you her cell phone number because she doesn’t want you to call her. She was pretty though.


This is like 3b, but should be mentioned…

Bullying – This happens more often that we think… We don’t want it to happen to our kids.  While we may teach and teach about anti-bullying it still somehow happens in the real world and it happens quite often to business owners.  Bullying you say???  Yeah, this is how it happens… You go into your bank (Insert bank name here) and you sit down with someone to discuss an SBA loan.  A couple days go by and they say they would love to give you the loan, but in order to do so, they will need to take over your Merchant Account as well.  You’re like, “Ok, I’ll change. Sally cost me $7K last month when I spilled coffee on my machine.”

First off, the bank doesn’t need to take over your Merchant Account. They WANT to take over your Merchant Account so they can charge you a boat-ton of money.  Secondly, please refer to item 1… This is bullying!!!  And a blatant example at that!.  The sad thing is, it happens all the time…

NEWSFLASH: Banks are not your friend. The CEO of Wells Fargo, Tim Sloan, will make at least $12.83 Million in 2017.  He isn’t making millions for helping out the little guy.  The bank will raise your merchant rates every year, probably twice a year until you complain.  All because they needed to handle your Merchant Account. Here’s a tidbit of info, the guy your bank told to contact you about your Merchant Account, yeah, he doesn’t work for the bank.  The bank has a contract with him.  He has to pay the bank a commission every month for them referring your business to him.  Since some of his profit is going to directly to the bank, why would he give you a good deal?  He’s not going to… He’s going to make as much as he can because the bank told you, “If you want the loan, we’ll need to handle your Merchant Account.” So he will charge you just about anything he wants knowing the banks pressured you into switching your account out of fear that you wouldn’t get the loan…Takes me back to the 6th grade playground.

Let’s Talk about all the things I can do for your business

What I provide: My goal is to provide free education to any business owner when it comes to their Merchant Account.  It is my feeling that the more you know, the better off you are! I’ll give you a no-cost analysis of what you currently pay and why.  The WHY is kind of important!  Often times, simply changing the way in which you process cards can save you money.  That way, you don’t need to change providers. Who does that???  I provide all the other services other merchant companies provide.  The difference between how I do it and how they do it is pretty amazing.  See, I’m not here to spend your money, they are… They want to sign you up for as many options as they can because they’ll make more money.  Remember Tim Sloan???  I swear I will never talk you into anything.  It’s your business, run it how you want.  I will try and talk you out of things that I think are bad ideas.  If you don’t like that, may I suggest talking to the guy at your bank then.

Services I provide:

  • Actual Service – if you need me, you have my cell number, I answer.
  • Were you expecting more? <grin>
  • Credit Card Terminals – Verifone, First Data, Ingenico, etc.
  • Pin Pads for Debit transaction – Yes, I provide them. But I’ll need a thesis from you about why you want one. No less than 500 words, single spaced and you’ll need to type it up on an old school typewriter.  They don’t benefit you in any way, unless you want it strictly for EMV transactions.
  • POS systems – there are hundreds of options out there and I work with most if not all. Depending on your business model, I can recommend something for you.
  • Gift Cards and Programs – Yes, I can do gift cards. Also a monumental waste of your time and money.  If you need a gift card program, you need to get a POS system that works with some of the technology I spoke about with reason 3 of why business owners change providers.
  • Loyalty Cards and Programs – Um, cough, cough…see above
  • Cash Advances – Really?  Do me a favor, please don’t ask me for a Cash Advance.  Yes, I can get them, but instead of a cash advance, why don’t you just sign over your business to me?  I can take a 7 day Caribbean cruise for every $40,000 cash advance I get for a client!  It is a horrible business decision.  I’m sorry if that’s too blunt for you princess, but again, I’m here to help business owners.  This is a bad decision for you.  I’ve done it in the past and refuse to do it moving forward.
  • Terminal or Equipment Leasing – They have their place.  POS systems and wireless terminals are good options for leasing and sometimes merchants that can’t afford $300 upfront for a machine.  However, leasing has gotten worse for the merchant than it was, say, in 2013.  I’ll look at your situation and we can decide.  More often than not though, I’m going to be against it.
  • Seasonal Business – Tree farms, summer cabin rental, pumpkin farms, etc. If you own a seasonal business, I can handle your processing.
  • Phone swipe – Here’s the thing, if you process 5 to 6 random days a year, just on weekends in the Summer or do less than $1,000 a month in credit cards, you should honestly get Square or something similar.  It’s really expensive but it’s a simple, no hassle solution. However, if you process more than $1,000 a month continuously and need the phone swipe option, Square will cost you a wheelbarrow full of money every 5 years. So, yes, I can do that for you.
  • E-commerce – Have a website? Need to accept credit card payments? I can help with that as well as recurring billing.

Final thought on what I do.  I am also a guy that knows a guy.  Not only can I be your Merchant Service provider, I have an endless supply of professionals from all walks of life that I completely recommend to help you with your business.  These are not paid advertisers, these are people that I use and will stake my reputation on that will provide you with the best possible service. Need an electrician, Business Coach, Plumber… Yeah, I know someone and in most cases, 2 or 3 people.  Need to revamp your webpage or learn how social media may be able to create more business for you?  I have a guy, or possibly two.  Do you need to work on updating your brand? Getting custom shirts made or some cool new pens with a company logo?  I have someone for you.  Did your car break down?  How about your lawn mower?  Looking to replace your roof?  These are people I know and trust.  Ultimately, I think you should too.  My list will eventually be below with links to their websites…

Next Steps…

If you need any of the above services, we can discuss them. Often times making some simple adjustment to how you process can make all the difference. Visit the Contact Me page and lets talk.

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